Benefits of using AHFAB


Everything we do at AH Fabrications is about improving systems and processes to deliver faster and with higher quality than our competitors. Combining sophisticated technologies and user-friendly AMADA software, a focus on lean manufacturing techniques, highly-trained high-calibre staff means the following benefits for our clients:

Why we are different


With a reputation for consistently delivering high quality products on time, manufacturing excellence is at the core of AH Fab's state-of-the-art operations.


AHFAB's quality assurance system, which has been ISO 9001:2008 accredited, regulates its production processes, and ensures that all commercial and technical aspects of any given project are specified, measured and reviewed.

Although quality assurance is critical to manufacturing products to the prescribed specification, it is when AHFAB's quality assurance process is combined with its high precision equipment and experienced design and production team that innovative solutions, and best value for cost, become achievable.


Broad industry experience and a diverse skill base across various aspects of fabricated metal design and manufacture allows AHFAB to quickly turn a customer's requirements into functional designs within the budget requirements.

AHFAB's capacity to assemble products that integrate non-metal design elements - including wood, plastics, compounds and glass - means customers can have plenty of scope for a solution.

Lower costs

We are dedicated to providing the best value-for-money solutions in the market and the imagination of customers is only limited by their budget requirements and AHFAB's strict quality guidelines.

AHFAB offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution, from the identification of design, production and maintenance needs to the delivery of quality products, components, repairs and overhauls.