AH Fabrication services


Whether customers require large production runs, or a high degree of precision in response to complex projects, AH Fab's engineering and manufacturing design skills, combined with its state-of-the-art equipment, ensure that it delivers the most cost-effective solution available without compromising on quality requirements.

Our 3200m² manufacturing facility in Kingsgrove is equipped with the latest technology available, including CNC punching equipment, laser cutters, automatic folding centre, welding robots, robotic insertion and embossing machines, powder-coating systems and spray booths and 3D modelling software.

AHFAB also provides sub contract services such as screen printing, spray painting, zinc plating, tube bending, anodising, metal polishing, hot dip galvanising and electrical wiring processes, as well as integrated projects involving wood, plastics, composites and glass.

Our services include


Laser cutting

At AH Fabrication we have extensive experience in cutting a wide range materials including sheetmetal, tube, structural members, extrusions and plastics


As part of AH Fabrications philosophy to push the boundaries of manufacturing, our engineers are able produce custom bend and forms tools upon request.

Powder coating

AFHAB has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure a top quality finish is achieved.

CNC punching

AH Fabrications is equipped with high-speed punching with servo-electric technology to provide faster and cost-effective solution to patterns and holes requirements with the use of stock and custom punching tools.


Our welding processes are inspected and approved by WTIA (Welding Technology Institute of Australia), in accordance to AS/NZS 1554 and NZS 1665.

Now offering FIPG (Foam In Place Gasket)



FIPG, also known as Foam In Place Gasket, Form In Place Gasket or Polyurethane gasket, provides an IP66 rates elastomeric foam gasket to sheet metal. This technology replaces the use of “Pinchweld” with a far superior product. This technology assists in creating protective, dust-proof and water resistant housings.

Applications include: