Industries we service


As an Australian based design, fabrication and assembly specialist that insists on utilising high grade materials and state-of-the art equipment, AH Fab’s engineering team is well placed to work with architects and engineers to deliver desired aesthetics while maintaining structural integrity and production efficiency.

Experience counts



AHFAB is equally adept in commercial, industrial or institutional construction settings, having particular experience in outdoor furniture (eg park benches, bins, shelters for Randwick and Belconnen councils), hotel lobbies and bars and corporate kitchens.

Products relevant to the property construction industry include sheet metal enclosures, cabinets, lockers, display kiosks, parking meters, gaming machines, consoles, housings, cases, point of sales displays, screens, cladding, building facades, IP enclosures, staircases & structures, shelters, benches, bins, light fittings, and bollards.


AHFAB is the ideal trade partner for customers seeking to source external production capacity to handle growth, to outsource aspects of their production process to reduce overheads, or to engage industry expertise to identify engineering solutions or undertake specialised manufacturing.

Whether customers are involved in the road, rail, shipping or air (ground support) sector of the transport industry, AH Fab has the technical capability and expertise to assist with the design, production and assembly of fabricated products, components and related infrastructure.

Products relevant to the transport industry include consoles, housings, components, structures, signage & signalling, containers, pressure vessels, bridge components, ladders/platforms, tunnel components, light fittings, galvanised steel troughing, location cabinets, micro lock racks, galvanised posts and brackets, purpose built trailer chassis, special-purpose bodies, bodywork, containers, cabinets, lockers, filtration, trays, variable message sign enclosures, signage & signalling, filter panels, and display units.


While all customers value AH Fab’s production quality and service responsiveness, perhaps none more so than those involved in the mining and mining services sectors, where durability and maintenance are critical in mitigating unnecessary down-time.

Quality assurance, including ensuring that appropriate materials are applied to structurally robust designs, coupled with prompt production and service availability, which are a function of AH Fab’s supply network and geographic proximity, facilitate the prompt design, supply, replacement, repair or overhaul of a vast array of mining related products and components.

Some products that are relevant to the mining industry include longwall equipment, substations, shelters, housings, overcasts, transfer shutes, heavy equipment components, ventilation doors, conveyor belt components, overhauls & repairs, signage & signalling, structures, bins, cabinets, lockers, trays and containers.


In recent years the Federal Government has funded major military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Timor-Leste, as well as in response to natural disasters. However, there is much uncertainty for defence industry suppliers due to cost controls and the desire to maintain state-of-the-art equipment. Accordingly, it is anticipated that the Department of Defence and its Defence Material Organisation may bypass local suppliers in favour of off-the-shelf systems that are cheaper, proven and extensively customised.

In an industry characterised by short-term volatility, it is important for defence contractors to neither overcapitalise nor retain unnecessary overheads, while at the same time ensuring stability of supply. In this environment, AH Fab is the perfect outsource partner, as it has the supply network and technical infrastructure to deliver quality products with precision, while not being dependent on the Federal Government’s defence spend.

Products relevant to the defence industry include shelters, enclosures, specialised vehicles, reinforcements, structures, airfield support equipment, containers, and trailers.